Chef Edgar Beas

Executive Chef

For Chef Edgar Beas, growing up in a large Mexican family meant frequent gatherings around the kitchen, cooking together with family and friends. Raised in San Diego-Tijuana, Chef Edgar embraced the native foods with a dedication to the traditions that were already woven into his DNA. At age 12, he already knew his path would lead to culinary school. As Executive Chef at Dune, he brings along his passion for authentic, simple cuisine refined by over a decade of hospitality industry experience. His culinary journey is based on both a respect for tradition and a desire to innovate. He has worked in numerous fine dining destinations, boutique hotels and Michelin three-star restaurants. Altogether, Chef Edgar has discovered that fresh, responsibly-sourced ingredients, technique, style and the surrounding environment all work in harmony to create the ultimate dining experience.

I strive to approach food with respect and a deep appreciation for execution.

– Edgar Beas, Executive Chef at Dune